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Welcome to the Law Office of Chase Brown

Chase Brown is a criminal defense attorney with one objective in mind--results.  Put your confidence on the lawyer who can relate to anyone.  Chase understands that when he takes on your case, he becomes your voice--a responsibility he takes seriously.

Chase has successfully defended cases ranging from A Felonies to simple Misdemeanors.  This experience has taught him that every story has one thing in common--two sides. Your side deserves to be heard.

Have you been charged with a crime?  The prosecution is telling their story.  Let Nashville Defense Attorney Chase Brown tell yours. 

Why the Law Office of Chase Brown?

It's about results.  If you have been charged with a crime, you want it over with, behind you and off your record, if possible.  Call Nashville Criminal Lawyer Chase Brown to make it happen and move on with your life.

If you think you need a lawyer to handle your charge, you probably do.  If you think you don't need a lawyer, you still probably do.  You wouldn't go hunting without a gun, and you shouldn't go to court without a lawyer.   This is a hard lesson learned by many in the defense of even simple misdemeanors.  Your criminal record follows you forever.  Treat it as you would your own health.  

No result is ever guaranteed.  We are, however, prepared to fight for you until your case receives the best result possible.  We answer your calls.  We give personal attention.  When we take on your case, you can relax.

Services Offered in Tennessee:

          -Criminal Defense

          -Juvenile Court

          -Orders of Protection

  The Law Office of Chase Brown
  2520 Nolensville Pike
Nashville, Tennessee 37211
Telephone: (615) 916 - 1215

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